to buy something new is always a good act to make you happy. some cool shoes to thank yourself for the last task you successfully finished, a new shirt as a souvenir of your latest travel, or something nice for your room. because everything gets a bit dark and depressing and some colourful twaddle is perfect lift up your mood. yes yes, we all know how long this can last. and how little is the time we forget about it and find something new that we want.

but this rapidly growing consume behavior uses up all the resources of our planet and causes severe damage. our climate is changing; fresh water reserves, fish stocks and forests are shrinking; fertile land is being destroyed and species are becoming extinct

humans today  use around 50% more natural resources than only 30 years ago, at about 60 billion tones of raw materials a year.

happy people, don´t buy they say. and thats actually true. but as you might know, it is not so easy to always be happy and live only from love and air. in order to continue to thrive on this planet, our lifestyles will need to become more sustainable, so that we are able to protect our natural resource base and the fragile eco-systems on our planet. that means that our shopping decision should change from voracious to conscious.

the possibilities of conscious shopping are growing fast and these so called low earth impact businesses are those who save our tomorrow. especially in the metropolitan areas more and more people live the change and i am happy to see that entrepreneurs are going earth friendly.

around barcelona there are cool shops and ideas that have sustainable principles. look what i found!

home on earth

untitled-1235this store offers products from around the globe, inspired by nature, following a fair and sustainable production process. home on earth uses almost exclusively natural materials such as bamboo, wool, coconut, mango, hemp and cotton. the use of reused and recyclable materials, along with the energy efficiency concept are key factors here.

you can find home on earth in two different location in barcelona and they just opened a shop in berlin.

  • raval quarter
    c/ hospital, 76
  • gotisches quarter
    c/ boqueria, 14
  • hackesche höfe/hof V
    rosenthaler straße 40/41

produit national brut

untitled-9372this super organized vintage secondhand store is a paradise for all treasure seeker. you can find almost everything here. produit national brut shop offers crazy cloth, jewelry, furnitures, lamps and art, all well collected and with fair prices. they also have an online store.

  • raval quarter
    c/ ramalleres 17


untitled-7614here you’ll discover second-hand books in perfect condition. and you can also sell yours.
re-read offers books on at fixed low prices. one book equals 3€, two books go for 5€ and five books sell for 10€. this is a smart, local, sustainable business idea, intelligently designed. because there are always read books and books to read. you can find re-read shops all over spain and in 6 locations in barcelona

  • sarría quarter
    c/ muntaner, 337
  • gràcia quarter
    pg sant joan, 152
  • eixample quarter
    c/ rosselló, 158
  • les corts quarter
    c/ londres, 7
  • raval quarter
    gran vía, 564
  • poble sec
    c/ creu coberta, 73



in this arty shop located in the gothic we find exclusive brands for men and women, limited editions and a selection of clothing by young designers made in barcelona. It is a dynamic and modern place with a relaxing atmosphere, where you can also enjoy temporary exhibitions with good music besides.

  • gotic quarter
    baixada de viladecols 3



a manifest, a set of ethics, none of the garments or accessories found at greenlifestyle break the principles of sustainability, recycling and fair trade. another unwritten rule is support for design. the products are all made from organic materials by different european designers.

  • gràcia quarter
    torrent de l’olla, 95



amapola is a poppy vegan shop. you can find shoes, handbags, jewelry, belts, wallets, and accessories. multiple alternatives in materials free of animal suffering will allow you, not only to dress with style, but also do so knowing that you are helping to prevent thousands of living beings are exploited by human caprice.

  • gracia quarter
    Travessera de Gracia, 129



Have you been to barcelona? what is your favorite place to shop in this cosmopolitan world? tell me and i put it in this summery! i´d love to read your comment!

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