finally spring time is here and the sun comes out to warm us and brings new life energy. all the plants  awake and grow with fresh strength. the trees get their leaves back and the fields turn green. all the garden lovers are quite busy at this time of the year with many tasks and stick their hands in the soil to prepare a great season.

but even if you don’t have your own garden you can make your surroundings green and prepare to grow some fruits and veggies in your house, at your window or on the terrace.

due to the fact that more and more people live in cities the huge trend of urban gardening is developing very quickly. you can live in the city and still start growing your own food so you can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier.


don’t worry if you don’t have enough space or you only have a balcony for growing plants. it is very easy to make little space into a fruitfull greenery.

here is a little excursion to my terrace. i want to show you a few methods on how to create containers from recycled bottles, and wodden boxes, how to plant easy growing veggies and maintain your little garden.

the bottle garden

plastic bottles are everywhere in our every day consume and usually we use them only once. one out of 10 bottles only is recycled. the rest goes to landfills or end up as trash in the sea. this is a big hazzard for the environment.

so why not recycle these containers and transform their purpose in order to extend their lifespan. here is how to do that.


what you need:

  • a couple of bottles
  • scissors
  • something spiky to make holes
  • wire
  • substrate
  • a plant of your choice

variation a

1) take a  bottle and cut the top quarter off
2) make 5 holes in the bottom and 4 holes in the side 3 fingerwide undernethe the top edge
3) arrange the wire througe the holes and leave 15 cm each side to mount
4) fill the soil ind the bottle and at the plant
5) mount the bottle on your choosen spot and water the plant


variation b

1) take a plastic bottle horizontal and cut a hole lengthways, around 15 cm long and 6 cm wide
2) stitch a few holes in the bottom side of the bottle for the water can drain
3) use two pieces of cord that you tie around each side of the bottle
4) fill the bottle with soil and the plant
5) mount the bottle on your chooten place and enjoy watching your salad growing


the garden in a box

what you need:

  • a wooden vegetable box
  • an old oilcloth tablecloth
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • substrate


1) cut the size needed of the oilcloth tablecloth
2) use the staple to fix it inside of the wooden box
3) make a few holes in the bottom so the water can drain
4) but the well mixed soil in the box, i am using coconut fibre and compost
5) plant the small greens in a bit distance to each other, they should have enough space to grow


enjoy the veggies out of the box


every plants needs its nutients to be happy and healthy and grow fruits and jucy leaves for you. in order to provide enough nourishment we need to fertilize our garden.

i will always go for the natural solucion without any toxic chemicals. at the moment i am using a liquid version of compo that is specialised for urban garden.


this great infographic shows you all the important facts about how to fertalize your veggies.


besides the fact gardening is good for your health, plant life can make the urban landscape also more enchanting.

if you need some more inspiration

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