i had the pleasure to see the premier of the movie normal is over in the 22. festival internacional de cinema del medi ambient in barcelona, an environmental film festival. the movie is made over the last 4 years by this wonderful and inspiring lady Renee Sheltema, a Dutch documentary filmmaker and photographer.


Renee is worried about the future of our children. On her journey, packing a camera and a strong passion, listening to experts, and visiting unsung heroes around the world, she creates a movie that goes through many different issues, we are confronted in our modern society. it shows the conection between economic growth and environmental destruction. making the link very clever between many important points of the list of human impact to our planet. she discovers how we have inadvertently put our planet in danger: climate change, species extinction, the depletion of critical natural resources, and industrial control of our food production.

watching the almost 2h long documentary for me felt like a rollercoaster of emotions. i know already lots of things about climatechange and environmental problems, but it still makes me incredebly sad and i feel very angry about that ignorant and destroying behavior of humans. the movie shows over and over again that cosumerism and the will to make more and more money is the flashpoint. but at the same time it shows a number of people who not accept this, are brave and try to make a differece every day.

from a huge seed data bank and organic farm, to the young student who developed the trash colecting mashine in the oceans, it goes through eco-arcitects who create watercollecting houses and treeplanting organisations like greenpop. a huge number of people who wants to change this pattern of destroying consumerism is already out there! me included. this movie really makes me cry at the end. i was overwhelmed by the hope it is giving, that if we really want it we can change, but we have to do it now!

there are so many ways to make a difference in the small way already! stop using plastic bags, dont waste food, use the bicycle instead of a car, lower your meat consumption, pic up some pieces of trash everyday, buy orgaic food without lots of packaging, take public transport, grow your own food in little veggie garden. be the change! normal is over!

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