“it is a choise to feel how you want to feel. it is the choise to be happy, not to wait to be happy. to recognise that happiness is not something you wait for but happiness is something you choose, and you can choose missery as well. but happiness is a good choise if you want it. try to life by three principals: enjoy your life, look after your body, and help other people enjoy their lifes. and if the world lives like this, the world would be a better place. it is a personal commitment to do something every day. your yoga, your meditation, your walk. what ever you do allow that personal time to connect with yourself. to apprechiate yourself, give some love time and energy to yourself. so once you have given this to yourself, then you can share it with the others.”



if it is still a little bit difficult to make the choise to be happy, because now in autumn it ´s getting dark every day earlier, there is not much sunlight, you feel stressed or something else puts you down, listen to uplifting music! here is my happiness playlist: be thankful and happy 





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