sometimes life asks you to switch off all the noise and come back to silence to find out where you are supposed to go and what you really want to achieve. in the last view weeks i had to make some important choices for myself. i decided to stay in barcelona. this was not so easy, because part of me who wants to travel more and run away further, is missing out on some adventures. but to make loving connection it is not helpful to say goodbye after a view days, weeks or month again and again. so now the other part of me who like to connect deeply, in meaningful relationships is gaining a lot and feels more complete in the decision to settle.

in order to figure this out, i disconnected myself from most of the media world and used the internet only a view times a week on purpose. that helped to connect with myself and the people physically next to me, and my surroundings and myself. thats why it was very silent here. but i am happy to get comments that tell me to keep on bloging. thanks for your support. i will continue sharing my thoughts more frequently.

thanks to my dear friend tina for this great video that comes just at the right time!


the book silence of the important mindfulness guiding spirit thich nhat hanh gives many insights in the art of quieten the mind. i was sucked into it from the first page:

“we spend a lot of time looking for happiness when the world right around us is full of wonder. to be alive and walk on earth is a miracle, and yet most of us are running as if there were better place to go to. there is beauty calling to us every day, every hour, but we are rarely in a position to listen. this basic condition for us to be able to hear the call of beauty and respond to it is silence. if we don’t have silence in ourselves – then we can´t hear beauty´s call.

there is a radio playing in our head, radio station nst: non stop thinking. our mind is filled with noise, and that´s why we can´t hear the call of life, the call of love. our heart is calling us but we don´t hear. we don´t have time to listen to our heart.”


9781846044342for any of you who feel like me sometimes a bit confused what their heart is telling them i recommend this book. it includes some breathing and meditation exercises that helps to connect in everyday life back to yourself. with silence we are free to hear, to see – and simply be.


  1. Daniel

    Find ich gut, jeder sollte Zeit für Ruhe und sich selbst haben.

    Klar sollst du weiter bloggen. Gerade mit solchen Selbsterfahrungs Beiträgen. I like

  2. I sometimes wonder why people roam around so much, nowadays. I mean sure, they want to explore the world, the new, tempting things, find the foreign, the unusal. But sometimes I get the impression that in their hurry they miss the things that really make them happy, that really matter. And the only thing man stives for, ultimately, is happiness. Ok, honestly, that sounds a bit desperate. “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, is what is said. It appears to be a bit like that, I suppose. There is nothing bad in it, speaking generally. However, many seem to neglect that happiness is, although affected by, not determined by outside causes, primarily, but rather by the attitude we see the outside world with. Actually I think a happy person will be much more likely to gain happiness, than an unhappy one because he or she has the attitude it takes to see the positive things, to achieve things, to be open, grasp the opportunities, enjoy the things that lie directly in front of him/her and to not drown in lethargy and desolation. On the other hand I suppose we’re all still looking for something we ain’t quite found yet. Something we’ve “seen before, but overlooked a hundred times or more.”

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