summer is keeping us hot and therefore its nice to have something yummy to cool down. here are my favourite vegan ice cream recipes without sugar but stil sweet!


frozen coconut chocolate sweets



  • 40g coconutoil
  • 40g cacao
  • 4 tbls agavesyrup
  • 20g coconutflakes
  1. mix the liquid coconutoil with cacaopowder and syrup until smothe
  2. stir in the coconutflakes
  3. spoon the choclate blend in a icecube form and let it freeze for 4h

enjoy the heavy dark chocolate pleasure


banana raspberry icecream


  • frozen raspberries
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 250ml alamond milk
  1. put everything in a powerfull mixxer
  2. stir it up until smooth
  3. spon the blended icecream in a bowl and let it freeze for one more hour

spoon in a bowl and ad some banana on top. enjoy!



vanilla-yogurts & berry icecream

  • soy vanilla-yogurt
  • mix of berries fresh or frozen
  1. put vanilla-yogurt in the freezer for 4h
  2. pour it in a mixxer, ad berriers
  3. stir it up until smooth
  4. spoon the blend in a bowl and put it back in the freezer for one more hour if its not frozen enough yet

spoon in a bowl and enjoy with more berries & musli or pure!

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