interview with robin jochem


at the time when i studied in bauhaus univesity in weimar and lived there, i got to know robin jochem who is a photographer and visual content creator and now a good friend of mine. we where always connected through the love of photography and the aim to make this world a better, liveable and […]


Why am I traveling?


words by maxie riemenschneider     why i love to travel, i ask myself. why do i travel how i travel, you ask me. traveling for me means to break free of this everyday life and get to know new things. learn something fresh from the people i meet. encounters that are often missed out […]


vegan spanish cuisine


spanish cuisine is very popular for meat and fish dominated dishes. nevertheless you can find a handful of vegetarian tapas and starters, in the restaurants. especially in bigger cities vegetarian options are usually available. but it is rather difficult to enjoy a big variety of vegan tapas, thats why i was trying to find alternatives […]