demain – a happy documentary


climate change, population grow, end of fossil fuels, landfills full of waste, atomic pollution – all those topics are discussed in the media and we know about it. we heard about it so many times and there is no need to tell you again how humanity destroys its own livelihood. the process is going on, […]


interview with robin jochem


at the time when i studied in bauhaus univesity in weimar and lived there, i got to know robin jochem who is a photographer and visual content creator and now a good friend of mine. we where always connected through the love of photography and the aim to make this world a better, liveable and […]


Why am I traveling?


words by maxie riemenschneider     why i love to travel, i ask myself. why do i travel how i travel, you ask me. traveling for me means to break free of this everyday life and get to know new things. learn something fresh from the people i meet. encounters that are often missed out […]