good morning world. how shall we start the day? let´s do some yoga!

i haven´t done yoga for very long but i can say i live better since i am practicing almost every day. in pnom phen i met a girl just after she came back from a yoga retreat and she told me, she is addicted. at this time i thought she´s a weirdo, but i went to the same retreat a couple of weeks later. and since then i totally knew what she was talking about! it feels so good to stretch out the body and quieten the mind. knowing that you going to feel good while doing it and after will makes it easy to get out of bed and hop on your rubber mat.

if you are a newbie to yoga and you need a trainer to get started, it can be a pain in the ass to go to studio. you don´t know which studio is good, it is a half an hour walk to get there or you don´t want to pay a lot of money for a course. then make your own studio and meet an online youtube-trainer!

i am doing yoga like this with lesley fightmaster. she does a very good training for all, beginners and advanced level. on her you tube channel she started a free yoga class running everyday for 90 days. i am on day 30 now and i can feel how my body got stronger and more balanced since i began to train every morning one month ago.

lesley does a very varied training, some days there is challenging core work, on some days you get a good stretch and other lessons are just relaxing. after savasana she always says a quote which makes me feel happy and mindful. she has a really good sense to spread positive energy and love. i feel connected and it makes my day.

check it out!

after finishing the session i drink half a liter of water with lemon and meditate for 10minutes to close the practice. then i enjoy my breakfast and start my day powerful and balanced.

try it for a little while and you will see how your body gets more flexible as wall as your mind!

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