climate change, population grow, end of fossil fuels, landfills full of waste, atomic pollution – all those topics are discussed in the media and we know about it. we heard about it so many times and there is no need to tell you again how humanity destroys its own livelihood.

the process is going on, things developed like that for different reasons, but we don´t have to keep going that way. there is the possibility to take the oar and redirect the course of the boat. things grow quickly, in only the last generation population has grown 3 times. we don´t have a lot of time to change our way of living. maybe 25 years more. therefore, it is necessary to find ways to solve the worlds biggest problems. the moviemakers of DEMAIN where looking for those and found men and women who already make a difference and live an alternative.



they provide a comprehensive look at ways in which activists, organizers and everyday citizens are trying to make the world a better place.
the movie points out different categories like food production, way of generating and using energy, consume of goods, alternative post capitalism economies and empowering education.
examples that are shown, aren´t just utopia ideas but real clever projects that can and should be done by all of us in some ways. there are whole cities and countries who decided to start the change but also single persons or small groups of enthusiasts.

island completely stopped using fossil fuels and uses the power of the geothermal activities of the earth. the danish government recently presented a strategy on how to achieve independence from fossil fuels by 2050.

permaculture projects like that one in france, can produce up to 4 times more food than monoculture. urban garden projects bring food closer to where people live and reduce the expenses on transportation. additionally it creates new employment positions and can include social disadvantaged people, to create a better future for them and the planet.

san francisco has found a new strategy to handle the great amount of waste we are producing. everything is recycled, reused and composted and they apply zero waste strategies by law. people who not recycle can be fined.

local money systems like the bristol pound support local economy and ensure that the products we consume are not shipped from the other end of the world. so the economy is greener and social powerful. it is hard to disagree on that.



this movie is an invitation on a trip around the world (france, england, iceland, usa, india) to discover the beauty of the world from the viewpoint of humanity. a new autnome and free way of living is the ultimate goal. there are a lot of solutions out there and each of us has the power to change the destruction and start new systems that lead us in a flourishing future. it’s nice to see that some people are taking matters into their own hands, dishing out vibes both positive and worthwhile and the movie really leave a positive feeling of “everything is possible, but we have to start now!”

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