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Why am I traveling?

words by maxie riemenschneider     why i love to travel, i ask myself. why do i travel how i travel, you ask me. traveling for me means to break free of this everyday life and get to know new things. learn something fresh from the people i meet. encounters that are often missed out […]


exctraordinary shapes of nature

what is better than going on a trip out in nature after a hard working week and hike your way through breathtaking mountains and peaceful surroundings to charge your battery? does something come up to your mind? no? well then montserrat mountain in spain might be the destination for your next weekend trip. it is […]


brief an einen tollen menschen

aus der erinnerungskiste gekramt: vom reisen und kurzzeitigem ankommen in einer tollen wg, eine erfahrung verfasst in einem brief an den netten mensch der mir mal sein zimmer zur verfügung gestellt hat. hallo du der mir sein zimmer geliehen hat, wir haben uns sehr wenig gesehen, logisch du warst ja weg. trotzdem hat sich für […]